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Graduation Makeup: Our Top Lip Picks

Stylisted - Graduation Lip Picks

Graduation is fast approaching. So, naturally, being the beauty lover that you are, you’ll need some graduation makeup. Whether you’re moving on from high school or college, or just there to support those who are, we’ve got the appropriate lip pick for the occasion. 

For the neutral-loving grad

Nude lipstick can be just the right sophisticated touch any look needs.  Nude options can get a little confusing if you don’t have a chance to test (say, in a drugstore instead of at a makeup counter). It’s safer to err on the darker side if you’re deciding between two similar tones. It will look more natural and less Nicki Minaj, which is always a win in our books (no offense to Nicki).

For the bold graduate

Bright pink isn’t just for Barbie! Bright pinks can be an excellent way to show excitement for your accomplishments. Our same tips for nudes work when selecting bright pinks. Go for a deeper option when choosing as it will likely be closer to your natural lip color. Berry tones are usually a good option for a pop of color that won’t look quite so neon on. Though, our favorite pink lip option can be found here.

For anyone & everyone

If you’re feeling more conservative, are looking for a easy-to-maintain option, or are on the fence about bold lips, experimenting with lip gloss is the perfect gateway.  Glosses to give subtler color and are easier to remove if things go awry.

Help, I picked the wrong color!

Not to worry. Mix and match a color and a nude to tone down either one. A coat of a neutral or darker lip gloss on top of a color that is too bright will also help even out the tone. Happy experimenting…and happy graduation!


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on more graduation-inspired styles!

Graduation Makeup: Our Top Lip Picks

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