How to Get Taylor Swift’s Signature Cat Eye & Red Lip

Stylisted - How to Get Taylor Swift's Signature Cat Eye & Red Lip

Taylor Swift is most known for her dating life and her catchy pop songs about her dating life that we can all relate to. She’s also known for her style evolution, from curled locks and cowboy boots to straight shags and retro playsuits. However, what we love her most for is her signature cat eye and red lip. Here is how we achieve perfect winged liner and defined red lips- 1989 style.

As you may already know, achieving the perfect and sharp winged eyeliner can be intimidating. Using the right techniques and products can take off a lot of pressure in the eyeliner process. The “Style” singer herself says, My treasured trick is to follow the line of the bottom lid with one finger as it continues up and out. This results in the perfect angle for the end ‘flick’ of the eyeliner.” One of our favorite eyeliners for the perfect flick is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner because of its precise brush tip and because it comes in the form of a pen, both of which provide the sharpest of flicks and easy application. Still struggling? Take an angled eyeliner brush dipped in concealer and clean up the line. Most importantly, practice!

Taylor Swift really does have “that red lip, classic thing that you like.” Two of the lipsticks that she uses for her signature red lip are NARS Dragon Girl and MAC Ruby Woo, both of which are reds that are slightly blue-toned. It also doesn’t hurt that blue-toned red lip colors help your teeth look whiter. Who doesn’t want that? Aside from finding the right color, one of the most important and most overlooked products used to create the perfect red lip is lip liner. When applying bold lip colors such as red, it’s important to use lip liner so that the lipstick doesn’t feather out past the lip line. One of our favorite red lip liners that go perfectly with Taylor’s favorite red lipsticks is MAC Cherry Lip Pencil. The vivid, blue-toned red lip liner not only compliments the lipstick well but also improves the longevity of the lipstick. Simply line your lips and fill in the entire lip with the lip liner. Then, apply your favorite true red lipstick on top. Voila! You have a perfect, long-lasting signature red lip and cat eyeliner!

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How to Get Taylor Swift’s Signature Cat Eye & Red Lip

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How to Get Taylor Swift’s Signature Cat Eye & Red Lip

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