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Weekly Beauty Link Love #22

Stylisted - 4th of July, Beauty Link Love

As tomorrow is full of pre-Fourth of July celebrations and most of us have the day off, we thought it would only be fitting to get our Weekly Beauty Link Love up a day early for you all. If you’re in the market for Fourth of July beauty inspiration, look no farther than our post from last week covering everything you need for a look that takes you from a day at the beach to your nighttime BBQ. Happy celebrating!


– If there was any doubt, we are still obsessed with Korean beauty and loved this post from Fashionista detailing a full beauty immersion trip.

– Grace updated her makeup bag for summer with fresh lip picks & yet another overnight face mask we’ve been eyeing up.

– Beyonce’s makeup artist spills the secret on strobing, the latest makeup trend.

– An interesting read on a day in the life of Gayle King. We thought we were tired!

– A few weeks back, Meg shared her summer beauty essentials, including a Vitamin C body oil that she claims keeps her tan in place longer – a must-have for summer!

– Danielle of Breakfast at Toast/The Everygirl shared her favorite summer beauty items, too. She focused a bit on sun safety, which we think is the most important beauty topic of all (and happens to be the TEG 30 day challenge this month!).



– Stuck in a rush but still need your nails to look put together? We’ve found our go-to quick drying nail polish routine.

– Hair that looks better after a day at the beach.

– This is the color of the summer for makeup.

Weekly Beauty Link Love #22

Our Go-To Quick Dry Nail Combo

Weekly Beauty Link Love #22

How To Get Perfect Hair Every Day

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