Feel the burn? Tips for Dealing With a Sunburn

Stylisted - Feel the burn? Tips for Dealing With a Sunburn


Summertime is all about sipping fun drinks pool or ocean side and soaking up the beautiful rays of sunshine so you can go back to school with that perfect bronzed glow, but oops you stayed out too long and now are a bit more on the red side.

No worries! Here are some quick tips and tricks to get that burn in check and get you back by the beach.

1. Stay calm, cool, and collected

After a day at the beach or pool, your skin is clogged with the sand, sweat, and tanning lotion that your skin has come into contact with. Take a cooling shower and completely rinse your skin. Be super gentle, however, because your skin is already irritated with the burn and it won’t feel like a relaxing massage if you are too hard on it. Also, your body temperature is now a bit higher than normal because of your summer fun in the sun so cool off! Fix a nice drink and sit in a cool room and just relax so your body can start to readjust.

2. Hydrating is your new best friend

The worst is when your skin starts to peel and flake! Hydrating with Aloe Vera or other super hydrating creams is going to be crucial to give life and moisture back into your skin and help it start the healing process to turn that night red into the bronzed babe look you were really going for.

3. Help it out

If the aloe vera and skin moisturizers are not doing the trick, give your skin that added help and get some much-needed vitamins on your skin to help it heal. The best ones to use are  Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and green tea infused lotions or oils. The green tea oil, especially, will greatly cool off your skin, cooling you off at the same time. After showering and hydrating, sleep with some oil and moisturizer on your body to help it start to heal as you sleep so that you can get back out and enjoy your summer vacation.

Below are some of 2016’s top recommended skincare aids (and our faves!) to help you with your sunburn.

Feel the burn? Tips for Dealing With a Sunburn

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Feel the burn? Tips for Dealing With a Sunburn

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