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Your 10 Favorite Blog Posts From 2016

Stylisted - Your 10 Favorite Blog Posts From 2016

Thank you thank you thank you for all of your support last year regarding this little blog. We explored some awesome partnerships with bloggers like Lauren Kelp and Style Me Pretty Living and brands like May Lindstrom, MV Organics, Camille Obadia, and more. We put together 168 blog posts throughout the year, ranging from Behind the Brand posts to tutorials to product reviews. While all of it was fun for us to produce, we thought it would be worthwhile to highlight some of your favorite blog posts from the last year (we did this for 2015, too, which you can see here). Without further adieu, everything you loved in order:

  1. Our continuously most popular post – What Blush to Wear with Red Lipstick. You made this #1 yet again! We’re happy this is the winner, as it shows you love content that is useful and informational, which we love producing.
  2. Our most-pinned post ever – Sick of the Ponytail? Try These Kylie Jenner Double Dutch Braids. Our takeaway from this? More celebrity-inspired content!
  3. Another from ’15 – Hair Trend: Balayage. This was one of our first posts ever and is certainly not the most beautiful, yet you keep coming back to it (proving the useful and informational point above).
  4. Balayage, Ombre, and Highlights: Which is Right for You? Clearly, you guys love hair posts. Especially in regard to color. Noted.
  5. Oldie but goodie – Unique Halloween Hair and Makeup Ideas. Useful and informational (and seasonally appropriate!).
  6. Kentucky Derby Hair and Makeup Ideas. Surprising! This post was shared by our friends at Chicago Inno, which may account for its popularity, but it’s also a fairly unique post. You don’t see too many Kentucky Derby guides out there. Would you like an updated one for this year?
  7. Pamper Time! How to Make Your Own Face Mask Bar. Yay! We loved this one. Definitely one of our more creative ventures and we’re so glad you loved it, too. Plus, those face masks are so good.
  8. I Wore Black Lipstick for the Day and This is What Happened. A true and weird story. Super fun to produce so another one we’re glad you loved.
  9. Our 4 Favorite Beauty Blogs of the Moment. Another surprising one! Looks like you want even more beauty content! We’re happy to update this too with some of our newer favorites.
  10. Last but not least – 2 Braided Looks for the Holiday Season. Well, this is just narcissistic but it seems like you guys like me since I (Isabella) am in 3/10 of these ;). I won’t let it go to my head, promise.
Your 10 Favorite Blog Posts From 2016

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Your 10 Favorite Blog Posts From 2016

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