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Short On Time? 10 Minute Looks

Messy Bun - Stylisted

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We’re always in the market for speedy looks that can help us appear polished when we’re short on time! Whether you’re wrangling kids, walking the dog, or just can’t get out of your warm bed (we get it!), these fast hair and makeup looks will have you ready to rock faster than you can say, “I’m on my way!”


If your hair is… clean & dry:

Try sweeping your hair into a sleek bun or pony, or go natural and tame problem areas with whatever pinning, headbands, or half-up tricks work for your hair type.


Twisted buns and braids tend to work well with wet hair.  They’ll stay in place and disguise the fact that you didn’t have time to blow dry.

dirty with no time for a wash:

So your hair needs a wash…loose braids, tousled buns and ponies, and other bed-head looks work better with dirty hair anyway.  Embrace your dry shampoo and then go for the ‘messy’ look.

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Start with your normal routine whether that includes moisturizer, foundation, concealer, or any other products you use daily for your skin and face. 

– The Fresh ‘n Clean –

Eyes: Stick to your favorite neutrals for liner and shadow, and keep it simple. Line your lid, do a quick stroke of the shadow, or skip straight to a swipe of mascara.

Lips: Pick your favorite gloss or liquid lipstick, but stick to a neutral tone like a mauve or nude.

– The Bold but Basic –

Choose whether you want to focus on your eyes or your lips.

If Eyes: Go dramatic with a black winged liner, and try a deep shadow like a charcoal grey or bronze. Leave your lips a natural pink tone with just a dab of lip balm so all eyes will be on your eyes!

If Lips: Exfoliate your lips and then carefully apply your favorite bold, deep, or bright lipstick. Keep the eyes simple with just a coat of mascara. 

Short On Time? 10 Minute Looks

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Short On Time? 10 Minute Looks

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