Eyebrow Threading: Everything You Need To Know


Stylisted - Eyebrow Threading: Everything You Need To Know

We have long been fans of eyebrow waxing, it’s a far easier and more precise way to remove excess hair than plucking. Waxing never did us wrong, but the pain and redness were side effects we would rather not have. Threading promises not to leave skin visibly irritated and is less painful than waxing. Intrigued, we decided to branch out and try threading.

When we walked into the salon, we were a little nervous (after all, it’s difficult to trust someone new with something as precious as our brows). The aesthetician was reassuring and made sure to have a clear understanding of what shape we wanted. Upon getting our brows done, we quickly learned that threading does not necessarily hurt less than waxing, it’s just a different kind of pain. However, our skin was not tender and shiny afterwards so going out in public did not require giant shades like we were used to. We didn’t need giant shades to hide the evidence because our brows looked great. 

Another benefit of threading is the price, it is much more affordable in comparison to threading. For those of us that need to make more frequent trips to the aesthetician, threading is a great choice that won’t leave you broke.

Overall, we don’t have a strong preference for threading or waxing. As long as you go to a reputable salon and have the right aesthetician that understands what you want and what brow shape will flatter your face, you’re good to go.



Eyebrow Threading: Everything You Need To Know

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Eyebrow Threading: Everything You Need To Know

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