Everything You Need to Know About Strobing

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Strobing is a weird makeup term that many equate to highlighting, as simply put, it is highlighting. It’s a trendy term that many of our own makeup artists don’t even use! Its rise to fame can be credited mostly to Instagram, and it has become so big of a trend that we’re now seeing products created specifically to help you achieve the look! Crazy! While we can’t say we’re a fan of highlighting’s rebranding based on principle, we do love ourselves a good highlight. If you weren’t a fan of the contouring trend, this one may be for you.


The question we’re still asking ourselves! Short answer: it’s excessive highlighting. Long answer: it’s a creamy, glowy technique of highlighting that leaves you with more dewy cheekbones than powdery. For this look, the more highlighter the better!


First, start with a well-prepped face. You’ll want to look to moisturizers, radiance primers (like this one), and anything labeled “light-enhancing.” After you’ve prepared the skin, apply a light base to allow the natural sheen to come through. We love the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue for this. Once you’ve evened out your skin tone, apply a cream blush and lightly apply a cream bronzer – the key here is creamy products, as powder can look too harsh and take away from the glow. Okay, yes, we did just say that powder is the enemy when it comes to strobing, however, these powders are something special. We’ve sung our praises for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders time and time again but they’ll keep you glowy AND keep your makeup in place AND are never powdery. The winning strobing combo. Finally, finish off the face with some serious strobing action. Grab your favorite cream highlighter (we love the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured or RMS Living Luminizer) and go to town applying it to your cheekbones, browbone, inner eye, cupid’s bow, and down the center of your nose. Finish the look off with a spritz of a dewy mist like Tatcha’s incredible one and you’re good to go!

Everything You Need to Know About Strobing

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Everything You Need to Know About Strobing

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