Essie Summer 2015 Nail Polish Collection

Stylisted - Essie Summer 2015 Nail Polish

We’ve been longtime fans of Essie nail polish over here and have amassed quite the collection of colorful polishes. Naturally, when a new collection is released, we immediately click over and grab a pen so we can jot down the ones we just have to pick up next time we’re at the drugstore. So, when the Essie summer 2015 collection was released we began on our regular routine of stalking the photos and writing notes, only to realize this is a habit that could be beneficial to all beauty lovers. Click through for the full review on the Essie summer 2015 collection.

Stylisted - Essie Summer 2015

For the beach goddess, Essie released 6 shades embodying summer fun. We can easily find a way to wear one of these shades for any summer occasion. Color names and more information about the shades below:

From left to right – 

1. Private Weekend is a “sparkling crisp white” with subtle shimmer. We’d grab it for a wedding or nighttime dinner party as the shimmer will look pretty against string lights.

2. Chillato is a “frozen cream pistachio” color that we’d wear for a day of park lounging & farmer’s market snacking.

3. Peach Side Babe is a “sun-ripe peach” color perfect for any skin tone and any occasion. This will easily be our go-to summer shade.

4. Sunset Sneaks is a “bright cushy crimson” we’d wear for a barbeque, or with the white and blue shades on the 4th of July.

5. Saltwater Happy is a “sugar-sweet Atlantic blue” we’d pack on a beach vacation.

6. Pret-a-Surfer is an “immersive marine blue” which would be fun for a day at the pool.


Stylisted - Essie Neons 2015

In her neons collection, Essie released 6 shades perfect for summertime music festivals. Wear one for each show or mix-and-match to get your perfect color combination!

From left to right – 

1. Make Some Noise

2. Melody Maker

3. Coacha’bella

4. All Access Pass

5. Groove is in the Heart

6. Vibrant Vibes

Essie Summer 2015 Nail Polish Collection

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Essie Summer 2015 Nail Polish Collection

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