An Easy Beachy Braid for Summer

Stylisted - An Easy Beachy Braid for Summer

There are so many great hairstyles for summer. Most involve getting your hair out of your face and away from your neck, and one of our favorites is the braid. There are so many different types of braid that work with nearly any length of hair and look effort, but one of our favorite types is the beachy braid.

This braid is so simple to do and looks effortlessly cute. It can be dressed down or up, and depending on your hair type, it can be achieved with almost no product. For those with naturally soft hair that is hard to braid (like me), it might take one or two extra steps, but should still be quick and easy for anyone to do.

There are a few ways to achieve this look. To do this without any product, just braid your hair and pull the braid apart. To make it a little messier, pull out some strands near the face to add some volume up front. This works with a normal braid down the back of your head, side braid, or a half up, half down style!

For those with less volume in their hair, there are a couple different types of products you can use to keep the hair in place and have the same look as someone with hair that naturally has volume. We love any type of sea salt spray, which should add some volume to hair. Spray some on, muss your hair, and then braid. Another good option is a styling cream like Mr. Dandy’s Hair Candy from Lush, this will add texture, structure, and volume to help construct the perfect messy braid!

To keep this beachy braid in place all day, use hairspray at the end of the process, and you should be good to go! Add a flower crown on top of this, and you have perfect festival hair, as well.

An Easy Beachy Braid for Summer

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An Easy Beachy Braid for Summer


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