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Weekly Beauty Link Love #18

Stylisted - Weekly Best of Beauty Links 18

It’s June! It’s June! We’re busy making plans for summer and hope you are, too. If you get a chance to read a bit this weekend, even better. Click through for the links we’re loving this week, including summer budget beauty, the full story on Caitlyn Jenner, and a fun story on perfume.


– Glitter Guide shared their favorite budget beauty picks for summer. Surprisingly, we haven’t tried any of these! Looking forward to picking up some of the tinted balms & trying out that L’Oreal tanner. (It seems like finding a good self-tanner is all we’re talking about these days!)

– Caitlyn Jenner. How can we not talk about the debut of the week/month/year? Caitlyn looks phenomenal on her first cover with Vanity Fair, and, naturally, we wanted to know every detail of the look. Lucky for us, VF covered the hair and makeup breakdown of the Cindy Crawford-inspired style. Can’t wait to see more from Caitlyn in the beauty world!

– Have you been spraying perfume on your pressure points every day? We have, too. Into the Gloss shared that we’ve been doing it all wrong! Here’s how to spray perfume so it lasts all day.

– Byrdie spilled 5 ancient Chinese beauty secrets and we are now ready to expand our beauty list even more. Move over Korean beauty kick, we’re onto the world of the ancient Chinese! A jade roller just sounds like something that needs to be in our life though.

– A dry shampoo for all the darker hair ladies out there. Jess of 26 and Not Counting has all the details on Moroccanoil’s new product.


– Have you been following the Vanity Fair story on Caitlyn Jenner? We liked her cover look so much we recreated it with only drugstore products!

– Summer weddings are beginning! Browse our favorites in bridal makeup looks – perfect for brides & wedding attendees!

– Do you co-wash? 😉 Here are our thoughts on the cleansing conditioner trend + the one we recommend.

Weekly Beauty Link Love #18

Don’t Put Your Hair In That Towel Turban!

Weekly Beauty Link Love #18

Essie Summer 2015 Nail Polish Collection

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