Drugstore Makeup and Skincare We Swear By

Stylisted - Drugstore Makeup and Skincare We Swear By

Have you ever tried a skin or face product that you absolutely loved and that just complimented you so well? Well, we have tried quite a few and quickly realized that the most expensive brands do not always give you the best results. This is why we started to put our skeptic brains to rest and decided it was time to start using drugstore makeup brands that easily worked just as well. Below are a few of the face and skin products we use almost every day that do just the trick.

  • Neutrogena’s Oil-free Combination Skin Moisturizer – We apply this moisturizer twice daily, once after washing our face at night and another before applying makeup in the morning. We have been using this product for a few years now and haven’t had oily or dry skin since!
  • Maybelline’s Master Prime Face Primer – We have never found a primer that gave us complete coverage and kept our makeup in place all day. When we started using this product, we were amazed that our makeup would last on our face for 9 hours out of the day!
  • Maybelline’s Dream BB Cream This is another product we use every day and that before using, never found a makeup product that would give us complete coverage while still feeling lightweight. This beauty leaves your skin looking radiant, smooth, and clear. Just make sure you get the right tone to match your skin!
  • E.L.F Mist Setting SprayBesides Maybelline’s primer, this product also does wonders. Right after we apply our makeup, we give our face a spritz or two of this mist setting spray. This spray will keep your makeup set in place for many hours. Even through the hot days of summer, since using this spray, our makeup has never melted off our face and leaves us looking radiant!
What are your favorite skin and face products?
Drugstore Makeup and Skincare We Swear By

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Drugstore Makeup and Skincare We Swear By

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