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Weekly Beauty Link Love #37

Stylisted - Drugstore lip products, Charcoal Masks and more

Happy Friday! We hope you had an easy week.

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  • Glitter Guide got a makeover! It has never looked better, in our opinion, and we’re happy to see their post of berry drugstore lip products (coincides nicely with our post 😉 ) too.


  • The finale in our trio of posts with Hourglass Cosmetics is definitely worth a read before your next date night. We love this smoky look – though if you haven’t seen our brunch look and work look, we’d start there.
Weekly Beauty Link Love #37

Getting Ready for Date Night with Hourglass Cosmetics

Weekly Beauty Link Love #37

Five YouTube Videos You Need to Watch This Week

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    See, this is one of the reasons I miss my long hair, being able to do cute things like this, lol.

    Great post!

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