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Weekly Beauty Link Love #35

Stylisted - Best Beauty Products, DIY Face Mask

Happy (almost) Halloween! We’re rounding out this week by delving into our best reads in hair, makeup, and overall beauty today. If you find yourself with some extra time this weekend, we highly recommend trying out Amber Fillerup Clark’s Double Dutch Braid Bun tutorial over on It’s a look we’d be happy to wear nearly daily. Find that, and more of our weekly favorites below:


  • The New Potato shared a list of their 10 Best Beauty Products and it’s full of beautiful, classic favorites. Did your HG items make the cut?
  • Emily posted her 10 Commandments of Beauty, which was a surprisingly helpful read! Worthy reminders when it comes to looking after yourself.
  • Amber Fillerup Clark of The Barefoot Blonde guest authored a post on showing how to create one of her famous braided looks. We love this Double Dutch Braid Bun!


  • We teamed up with Hourglass Cosmetics on lots of fun fall tutorials. Our first one debuted this week and we couldn’t be happier to share the final look – a fall work/school appropriate tutorial!
Weekly Beauty Link Love #35

A Work/School-Appropriate Fall Makeup Look Featuring Hourglass Cosmetics!

Weekly Beauty Link Love #35

A Surprising Use for Simple’s Micellar Water

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