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Do You Double Cleanse?

Stylisted - Double Cleanse Clinique Take the Day Off Balm

When it comes to washing your face in the evening and removing all the makeup and grime of the city, we stand by the claim that double cleansing is nearly essential to a fully cleansed face. If you’ve been getting by with just one “multi-purpose” cleanser, you may be washing your face all wrong. Read on to find out more!

While not every day calls for a full-on face of makeup, some days you find yourself applying more than expected, and by the time you get home, you’re ready for a good, solid cleanse to remove all the gunk. Even on days where you wear barely anything, remembering to cleanse the skin is essential in a good canvas for makeup. Our number one beauty rule? Never go to sleep with makeup on.

All of that being said, properly cleansing the face can be very time consuming and, frankly, not that much fun. However, once you find a routine you love, it can feel like barely any work at all. After years of searching, we’ve FINALLY found that missing step.

Enter: Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. We had heard great things about cleansing balms – they break down makeup easily, hydrate your skin, and can provide much better positive long-term effects than those of the foaming variety – but being the skeptics we are, we were hesitant to try something with so much hype.


Apply cleanser with dry hands all over the face (including eye area). Remove with a warm washcloth and follow up with your usual cleanser — don’t forget that important step! This is a makeup remover only, not a cleanser!


This makeup remover is pretty much the best of all cleansers. It begins as a hard balm, smooths out to an oil, and wipes off as a creamy, hydrating milk. It removes all makeup (including waterproof and sunscreen), and NEVER leaves your face feeling scratchy or parched. It also has nearly 800 reviews on and gets an almost perfect 5 star rating. {Tip: Sephora’s great at handing out samples, so if you’re curious, but don’t want to pay, ask if they’ll make you a sample!}

Do You Double Cleanse?

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Do You Double Cleanse?

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