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Dos and Dont’s: Winter Bronzer

As we approach the middle of winter… with no immediate beach vacations coming up… it’s time to embrace our old friend, Bronzer! Just because you can’t get a real infusion of Vitamin D, doesn’t mean you need to look like you haven’t seen the sun in months. Check out our winter bronzer dos and don’ts below.

Do use these tips for bronzer all winter long! Bronzer isn’t just for the spring and summer months – if you put your bronzer away for the winter, consider keeping it in your makeup bag.

Do remember that most of us lost our tans back in November, so a light and gentle hand is necessary in the winter months. As Vogue says, winter bronzer is “a lesson in restraint.” No one wants to look like an orange Oompa Loompa!

Don’t be worried that the name “bronzer” will automatically make you look like a bronze statue – the product is meant to give you an even, healthy, sun-kissed glow.

Don’t pick a color more than 2 – 3 shades darker than your skin tone, or you’ll risk looking like that bronze statue. Going just one shade darker will give you added depth and definition. Here are some of our favorites:

Do use a cool-toned shade for winter. Leave the orange undertone bronzers for the summer, especially the ones with shimmer in them. For winter, switch it out for something cooler-toned with a matte finish.

Don’t forget to lightly bronze your neck and chest if they are visible! A glowy face with a pale neck is a sure giveaway that you didn’t just get back from a tropical weekend in the islands.

Don’t be limited to only powder bronzers – try out a bronzing tinted moisturizer for a soft insta-tan. You can mix it with your foundation or use solo; we like Clinique’s Sun-Kissed Face Gelee.

Do use a translucent powder after applying your foundation. This will help the bronzer apply smoothly and be easier to blend and sheer out.

Do use a fluffy brush to apply the bronzer for a diffused radiance (try e.l.f.’s Pointed Powder Brush).  Achieve the perfect glow with a light and gentle hand – you can always add more!

Don’t dust it all over your face.  Save the bronzer bath for summer – in the winter you want to place it strategically so everything looks natural and even.  Make sure to hit the spots on your face that the sun would naturally hit – cheekbones, hairline, and temples. Also, dust some around the chin line to finish the look.

Do complete your routine with blush for a healthy flush. Try a rose shade (you want to stay away from anything too pink or apricot-y, which are staples of summer) and blend into the apples of your cheeks. We like Milani Rose Powder Blush.

And last but not least, do plan that weekend getaway to a real warm-weather destination!

Derived from an original post in February 2017.




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Dos and Dont’s: Winter Bronzer

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