Don’t Put Your Hair In That Towel Turban!

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When browsing bridal beauty inspiration the other day, we came across an article from one of our favorite sources – Racked. Hairstylist Mark Townsend has been long adored by clients like MK&A, Kirsten Dunst, Dakota Johnson, etc., so we take his advice very seriously.

In this, he claims that you should never wear your hair up in a towel turban after washing it. Townsend says, “It rips your ends, causes breakage around the hairline, drys out the ends, and causes tangles.” Our minds were blown. Towel turbans have been our go-to wet hair style since the dawn of time, and, for some of us with extra thick hair, help to keep our sopping hair out of our face until it’s a bit more dry.

So now that we can’t towel turban or rub our hair dry with a towel (as both cause tangles and breakage), we’re looking for suitable alternatives. We’ve been recommended the Wet Brush time and time again due to our fondness for brushing through damp hair. We already swear by the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Protector, so we’re not really on the hunt for another leave-in conditioner though, it could finally be time to invest in a silk pillowcase.

Retiring our beloved towel turban just leaves us speechless. Do we try out a t-shirt turban instead? Do we allow for our hair to just air dry while leaving us (and our clothes) damper than we’d like? Or does the heat drying come back into play?


What are your thoughts? Have you been using the towel turban trick for years, too? 

Don’t Put Your Hair In That Towel Turban!

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Don’t Put Your Hair In That Towel Turban!

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