Do You Wear Liquid Lipstick?

Do You Wear Liquid Lipstick? - Stylisted

Liquid lipstick is a tricky subject for us. Typically, we’re not the biggest fan, as it leaves our lips dried out and wrinkly-feeling. We also tend to think it never looks that great when it’s applied, though we’re sure that can be solved by a good lip scrub and a ton of moisturizer beforehand. But for the sake of trends, we’ve decided to knowingly dry our lips out to help you figure out which ones are actually good and which ones look like your lips but pruney. Below, find our reviews on all of the ones we’ve tried thus far.

  • Rimmel Lip Lacquer – In one of the earliest iterations of modern liquid lipsticks, Rimmel came out with a bang…specifically, our favorite shade, ‘Bang Bang.’ This liquid lipstick is smooth and never super drying but has a great color payoff. It stays put throughout the night, too, another bonus as the last thing you want to do is reapply a product that makes your lips want to fall off.
  • Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – The first of the famous liquid lipsticks. And the first we loved. We do still love this one but have found it fades a bit easily and can sometimes make the lines in our lips seem exaggerated.
  • Revlon Ultra HD – These were a hyped up product when they launched last year – and for good reason. We still really like the shade we own, but just can’t get over the smell! Artificial candy smell aside, these are more of a cream liquid lipstick than the others. They feel a bit strange going onto the lips but dry down matte and are never uncomfortable.
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Some would say these are the best drugstore ones of all, we’d agree, though they are very similar to Revlon’s (NYX was the OG, if you were wondering). These, too, have an artificial scent, but work incredibly well and never budge. They’re also never drying and have never exaggerated those weird lip lines like some others (cough cough Kat Von D and Stila).
  • Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (not pictured)- Oh yikes. The worst of the bunch we’ve tried by far and we feel really badly about it. Everyone loves these so we were shocked to find them clinging to our lips and making them look downright terrible. We’d say avoid at all costs but literally everyone else likes them, so who knows?!
Have you tried any liquid lipsticks? Which was your favorite?
Do You Wear Liquid Lipstick?

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Do You Wear Liquid Lipstick?

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