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Day to Night Fourth of July Beauty

Stylisted, Day to Night, 4th of July, Hair, Makeup

To us, Fourth of July beauty is all about something functional, festive, and fun. We want a look that’s going to last us from day to night, without breaking down in the humidity or on the beach. Over in today’s newsletter (subscribe if you haven’t already!), we pulled together our favorite daytime looks that you can easily build upon for a night by the fireworks. Over here on the blog, we’re showing you our top product picks to help make those looks happen!


Stylisted, 4th of July, Beauty, Makeup

When you’re on the beach, you want a style that’s easy, lightweight, and as natural as can be – especially on the 4th. To enhance your inner beach babe, we recommend this quick routine guaranteed to bring you dewy perfection:

– Apply a pea-sized amount of your favorite illuminator all over.

– Move on to BB Cream, or whatever foundation you prefer. The key to this look is a light base, so don’t apply too much!

– A peachy cream blush gives a nice, natural flush to the cheeks in minutes and is best applied with your fingers.

– Swipe on one coat of mascara. This one from Maybelline gives touchable, soft lashes.

– This is the most fun part of the look – gold shadow! Gold truly brightens up every eye color, so grab a tiny bit on your ring finger and apply to the inner corners for the lit-from-within glow.

– You know the drill with our favorite lip balm. Apply all day for added SPF!



Stylisted - Fourth of July Night Makeup

At night, we think it’s fun to amp things up a bit with a bold lip, and what better time to do so than the 4th? Here’s how we’d reinvent the look:

– No need to start over with makeup! We created the perfect base makeup for this look above, so just work with what you’ve already got on!

– Dust a bit of transparent powder all over to tone down the oiliness that’s inevitable after a day in the sun or by the barbecue.

– Pile on all the mascara your heart desires.

– Finish the look off with a bold, matte red lip. Lip liner will help you keep this color in place all night!

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Day to Night Fourth of July Beauty

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Day to Night Fourth of July Beauty

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