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Contouring 101

Contouring 101 - Stylisted

Thanks to social media, facial contouring tips are as accessible as mints at a CVS checkout. However, every face is obviously not the same. So, contour away, ladies, but make sure that you’re contouring for your face and not someone else’s.


Be aware of your features: If you love your nose shape, focus more on highlighting it. If you think you have chubby cheeks, shade them down a bit. Once you’ve determined the features you want to embrace, highlight to emphasize, shade to minimize.

Invest in quality: Once you’ve found your ideal areas to highlight and shade, do some research on products that will you give you the most bang for your buck. Some women like to buy contouring kits, while others revert to individual products. Try them and see what works for you!

Take tutorials with a grain of salt: You probably already know this, but just because someone suggests something, doesn’t mean that it’s the absolute best product for you. Do some exploring and comparing of products.


– Reapply: Unlike powder or lipstick, contour is not something that should be touched up as the day goes on. If you have to, that’s a sign that you need to invest in products with some staying power. Reapplying contour throughout the day can make you look overdone and more prone to breakouts if you haven’t cleaned your hands properly.

– Use products that are too light or too dark: Your highlight and shading products should be no more than two shades up or down from your natural skin color. Beyond that you run the risk of looking like a clown (harsh, but true!).

– Overdo it: The only thing worse than not seeing your contour at all is being able to see it from across the room. The goal is to amplify not intensify. You don’t want your makeup to be so obvious that people wonder what you look like without it.

– Skimp on products: Sure you may have some brown eye shadow here and some leftover blush there, but that won’t cut it long term. It’s fun to mess around with comparable contouring products on a day off to get a feel for what works for your face, but it’s way better to invest in primer, concealer, blush, foundation or pure contouring powder for the full effect. Plus, using these are a fail-proof way to make sure your efforts last all day!

Contouring 101

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Contouring 101

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