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Coachella Inspiration: Hair

Stylisted - Coachella Hair

We are so excited to kick off our Coachella series today with hairstyles by the talented Bianca Rich. Bianca represented Stylisted at Wetherly’s Spring Festival and was responsible for the looks seen on Christa Brittany and Peyton List. Read on for some fun, braided looks perfect for Coachella or any music festival!


Christa Brittany - Stylisted

Christa came in with freshly washed clean hair and loose curls. Because her natural texture is straight and fine I added some Schwarzkopf texture powder to add some texture and grit.

The braiding process:

– I separated two small sections by the left and right ear and then French braided the left side 3/4 down and did the same on the right, securing it with a rubber band.

Stylisted - Coachella Hair - Christa Brittany

– Then I took the left braid and crossed it over to the right and took the right braid over to the left, creating a double head band crown braid. I secured it all down with bobby pins. After it was all secure, I pulled out her bangs and a few pieces around the sides to finish the look.

Stylisted - Coachella Hair


Stylisted - Coachella Hair - Peyton List

Peyton came in with her hair semi-styled because she had to take headshots after. So I promised her that I wouldn’t make her hair super messy, although she was totally down!

– I started with a massage pull back motion to see if I liked her hair off her face (totally) and also to see where and how it would naturally fall when I was done. After, I used my fingers to comb back and clip away the middle section of her hair.

– Then, I decided to cornrow the left and right sides that were left out upward and secure with a rubber band. After that, I unclipped the middle section and created a messy pompadour to layover the cornrows.

Coachella Inspiration: Hair

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Coachella Inspiration: Hair

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