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Weekly Beauty Link Love #62

Stylisted - Clean Beauty, Retinol, and More

Happy (almost) Halloween! We’re so excited to see how everyone transforms themselves with hair and makeup this weekend. It’s one of the best of the year for beauty for sure! This week, we’ve been talking about clean beauty, the importance of retinol, and a magical lip tint – yes, you read that right. Magic. Read on:


  • Fashionista on why you need to be using a retinol now to stave off wrinkles in the future. We’ve been using this one for over a year and are continuously impressed by how it leaves our skin in the morning.
  • Victoria’s latest find: this magical lip tint (p.s. it’s mostly organic, too!).
  • We recently caught up with Margo & Me’s YouTube channel and are unsurprisingly impressed with the content. While we don’t share a personal style with Jenny, the author behind the blog, we can’t deny good content when we see it. Give it a watch! We particularly love her Deskside Diaries series.


  • Speaking of YouTube channels, have you checked ours out lately? We uploaded 2 new videos this week!
Weekly Beauty Link Love #62

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Weekly Beauty Link Love #62

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