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Budget Balms

Stylisted - Budget Balms

While they may not be the sexiest product you use, lip balms are absolutely essential. These days, you can find almost any flavor imaginable, however we prefer to keep things minty fresh. On the search for the perfect hint of mint in your lip balms yourself? Here’s a breakdown of some of our favorite affordable picks. 

Mongo Kiss: Goes on smoothly and moisturizes nicely. Good tingle factor. The number one pick by our standards.

Rose’s Minted: Close runner up to Mongo Kiss. This one has a hint of rose and a hint of color. Goes on smoothly but is a bit stickier—more like a lipgloss.

Burt’s Bees: Classic. If you’re not into the tingle, this one may be a bit too intense. Goes on smoothly, but is a bit drier on the lips than the Mongo Kiss.

Blistex Medicated: Medicated is right. This has menthol rather than peppermint which gives it a bit of a “medicine-y” scent. Pro: This one has SPF 15, so it’s a good summer option.

Bonus: SoftLips Vanilla is a surprise mint option! Not labeled as mint as it’s mostly vanilla, but there is definitely a nice minty tingle to it. This one is SPF 20, so another good pick for sunny days.

What are some of your favorite balms we should try to keep our lips hydrated and our breath minty fresh?

Budget Balms

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Budget Balms

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