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Weekly Beauty Link Love #21

Blue Eyeliner, Best of High-end Makeup, & More - Stylisted

We hope you’re following us on our social media accounts to see what we’re up to in real time! This week was particularly exciting for us with a feature coming out in MORE magazine, a special investor announcement, and some fun weekend events. You can always see everything you missed on our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Now, on to what we’re reading about this week:


– Sarah & Faith, two of our favorite DC-based beauty bloggers, posted recently about their favorite items from high-end makeup. There was a bit of crossover (hi, Charlotte Tilbury), but we loved reading both and seeing what each chose as the best of the best. Find Sarah’s here and Faith’s here. Catch Sarah’s drugstore version here, too, if you’re interested – another worthwhile read!

– Sarah also posted her top 10 summer drugstore lip picks and they are spot on. Girl knows a good pink lip.

– LOVED Hallie’s post on how she styles her everyday curls – such fun gifs, too! We’ve recommended Living Proof before, but after reading this, need to get our hands on that humidity shield.

– We’ve predicted the rise of blue eyeliner for a bit, but when Anna, the true lover of neutral, bronzey tone shades, starts rocking a bit of liquid blue liner as opposed to bronze, you know it’s a trend with some lasting power. Now if only we could get the shade of our last try or toss to work.

– Not sold on blue being the color of the season? Our HG makeup site, ITG, declared blue the new smoky eye, as well.


– The one beauty product we won’t leave home without.

– Does Nars Orgasm blush make you giggle every time you apply it? We’ve rounded up 14 other blush-worthy products.

– We’ve got an exciting investor announcement. Hear what Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank has to say about us – and follow us on Twitter while you’re at it 😉

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Weekly Beauty Link Love #21

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Weekly Beauty Link Love #21

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