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Behind the Brand: Stowaway Cosmetics

Stylisted - Behind the Brand Stowaway Cosmetics

We were first introduced to Stowaway Cosmetics a few months ago and instantly fell in love with their mission, packaging, and products. Upon reaching out to Stowaway to find out more about the brand, they were kind enough to send over a few products for us to try out in the second installment of our “Behind the Brand” series. Find a brief history of the brand, our favorite products, and more after the jump!

Stylisted - Behind the Brand Stowaway Cosmetics


You’re a gal on the go. No one understands that more than the ladies behind Stowaway Cosmetics, Julie and Chelsa. In their “about us” video, Julie and Chelsa talk about the story behind the line, acknowledging the main problem that many women face – we no longer (and possibly never have!) get ready just in the morning at home. As working women with full, productive lives in our “off hours,” we often find ourselves touching up in the car, applying makeup in the gym’s locker room, and walking/popping on a bold lip at the same time. So, Julie and Chelsa asked themselves, “if there was a little black dress of beauty, what do those products look like,” and Stowaway was born.

Stowaway Cosmetics offers “right-sized products,” pursuing the idea that no one actually finishes their full tub of makeup before it hits its expiration date. Thus, Stowaway products are a bit larger than your traditional trial-sized item and packaged in a minimal way so that they seamlessly blend in with your life on the go, rather than you having to make room. You can purchase the products separately, ranging from $10 to $22 (a steal in the beauty industry!), or in their six-piece kit for $75 (which is what we’ve been lucky enough to sample). Beyond the right-sized products, Stowaway promises to ensure quality above all, meaning that all Stowaway products will be formulated without chemicals like parabens and will be compliant with EU consumer safety standards (something that Beautycounter holds their products to, as well).

Overall, you’re looking at beautiful products that are life-friendly and compact, while being healthy and sustainable. That checks off a lot of boxes for us.

Stylisted - Behind the Brand Stowaway Cosmetics


*We were lucky enough to get to sample The Stowaway Kit, Stowaway’s $75, 6-piece starter set. Below, you’ll find our reviews of the products & what we most recommend trying from the brand!

  • Radiant Complexion BB Cream – We really like this. We imagine those of you with drier complexions will like it even more. Because we’re particularly oily, we had to touch-up with powder a bit but found that this is the perfect lightweight, comfortable formula for our “no makeup makeup” days (read – weekends).
  • Creaseless Concealer – This stuff packs a PUNCH. You really only need the tiniest bit to conceal anything and everything from dark spots to undereye circles to blemishes. Use sparingly and you’ll love it. This is definitely a “right-sized” product, as concealer is one of those items we never seem to make it through before it expires.
  • Cheek & Lip Rogue – This one is one of those multi-taskers that every woman should keep in her purse, just in case. It’s very similar to Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rogue, but that’s no surprise considering Chelsa worked there previously – and also, not a bad thing since Bobbi is a boss. Color payoff is strong and the product is beautifully natural-looking. It’s the sort of product that would be our #1 pick for a beach vacation.
  • Creme Lipstick – We’re a sucker for a bold lip, and these lipsticks are very smooth and glide on seamlessly like many of our favorites. As finding a good drugstore lip is easy, this didn’t stand out as much as some of their other products, though still a good one nonetheless.
  • Effortless Eyeliner – Truly effortless and one of our new favorite eyeliners. We love this and feel extra hygienic knowing we’ll use it up before it expires (for once!).
  • Defined Lash Mascara – Another winner. We really liked applying this. It gave “natural-looking yet still bold enough to make a difference lashes” (if that’s a thing). It is for us, which is why this is perfect.
So, would you try anything from Stowaway Cosmetics? Have you already? And finally, what brand should we feature next?!
Behind the Brand: Stowaway Cosmetics

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Behind the Brand: Stowaway Cosmetics

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