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Behind the Brand: May Lindstrom Skin

Best Products From May Lindstrom Skincare - Stylisted

Way back in the beginning of the year (can you believe it has been months already?!), we made some 2016 beauty goals, one of which involved trying out new skincare. Based on the blog posts from the past few months, I think we’ve definitely been successful on that front! Sunday Riley, MV Organics, Blue Lagoon, etc., have all grown into brands we now love and incorporate into our routine daily. It only seemed fitting we try out one of the most luxurious and personal brands there is, May Lindstrom. Click through to learn more about May, the brand, and some of our favorite products.


May Lindstrom, former model and natural and organic lover, created her eponymous line to offer women a true cleansing ritual with products that are handmade in a way that also looks luxurious. May’s attention to detail and design makes the line stand out as much as the actual quality of her products. While not the most affordable skincare you’ll ever own, May’s is absolutely some of the best. May creates all of her own formulas by hand, skipping any base formulas, labs, or outsourcing, so you know exactly where and when every detail of your product was created. Her line is mostly vegan (with the exception of one product), and does not include any parabens, sulphates, phthalates, GMO, silicones, pesticides, dyes, fragrances, gluten, fillers –  the list goes on and on. We were lucky enough to review some of her best-selling products, all of which we would repurchase time and time again. May is also kind enough to create a personal routine/share her own for anyone interested in using her products. Even better, she’s personally active on social media and can be found frequently responding to inquiring users with any details they may need about her line. She’s a special kind of business owner, keeping everything so personal, it’s remarkable and admirable in an age where you rarely know whom you’re speaking to.

Best Products From May Lindstrom Skincare - Stylisted


*Disclaimer – We were lucky enough to sample these products from May Lindstrom as an introduction to the line, but in no way had to write this post. We did not receive compensation for the review and just truly love these products!

Below, you’ll find our reviews of the products & what we most recommend trying from the brand!

  • The Honey Mud – The only non-vegan product in the line, The Honey Mud can be used as either a face cleanser or a mask. We like to use it as a mask when we get in the shower, as the steam helps it to sink into the skin better. It clears the skin, while adding hydration like you’ve never felt before. There is not a more decadent product out there.
  • The Clean Dirt – Another multi-purpose product, The Clean Dirt works as a face cleanser and daily microdermabrasion. This works especially well when paired with The Honey Mud for added hydration.
  • The Blue Cocoon – One of the most magical products we’ve ever used, The Blue Cocoon should be massaged into damp skin to transform the balm into the luxurious oil it is. May claims this to be her holy grail of all of her products, so it’s definitely the one to start with!
  • The Problem Solver – A favorite mask of YouTubers and bloggers alike, The Problem Solver seriously works to solve all your skin woes. It’s one of our all-time favorite masks to help with inflammation, blemishes, and clogged pores. It does tingle a bit, but that’s supposed to happen, so don’t worry!

We can’t wait to get our hands on more of May’s incredible products! What are you eager to try first?



Behind the Brand: May Lindstrom Skin

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Behind the Brand: May Lindstrom Skin

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