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Behind the Brand: Beautycounter

Stylisted - Best Products from Beautycounter Sheer Lip Tint

How often do you think about the products you’re putting on your skin? Do you, like us, glance at the ingredients every once in a while and wonder what exactly they mean? Even if you don’t follow a strictly all-natural skincare and makeup routine, you’re surely aware that the products you apply just might not be the best for you. And while we like the idea of a natural routine, doesn’t that mean sacrificing color selection, pigmentation, application, and wear – qualities that all beauty lovers look for in our “Holy Grail” products? Luckily, it no longer does.

With brands like Beautycounter, Tata Harper, Tarte, Bite, Korres, etc., it has beceome endlessly easier to find natural beauty products that actually work. In this new series, we’ll be focusing on the story behind the brand and some of our current favorites from that brand. While this won’t necessarily always be about natural beauty brands, we’re excited to kick things off with one of our current favorites – Beautycounter!


We first read about Beautycounter a few years ago after seeing Mandy Moore’s interest in the products. Since then, our interest has only grown upon hearing countless good reviews and even sampling some of the products ourselves thanks to a generous boyfriend’s mother.

The line, founded by Gregg Renfrew, was designed with a stylish, smart clientele in mind – people who appreciate beautiful packaging as much as they appreciate a beautifully-formulated product. While clients can easily purchase the products directly online, Beautycounter also follows a sales model that may seem familiar to those who have tried a bit of Mary Kay in their days. Beautycounter allows for interested clients to obtain a membership to join their network of consultants who host “socials” to showcase the products in a group setting.

Besides all of the pretty packaging and networking sales model, Beautycounter is most known for its “Never List,” which tells of the 1,500 ingredients banned in its products. The site even compares the US personal care regulations with those of the EU to some astonishing results. Needless to say, since reading more into the brand, we’re ready to ditch our questionable products and stock up on products that keep our health in mind.

That being said, we couldn’t leave you without recommendations of where to start! Here are five of the best products from Beautycounter (of the ones we’ve tried so far!):


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  • Tint Skin Foundation – The current foundation favorite of our girl, LC, the Tint Skin Foundation was designed to provide a lightweight, creamy coverage with skincare benefits like hyaluronic acid, which locks in moisture on the face. The shade range is surprisingly strong here, so you won’t struggle to find one that matches your complexion.
  • Glow Sugar Scrub – This is one of those dreamy,  treat yourself kind of products. While a scrub might not seem like an every day essential to most, we find ourselves reaching for it almost constantly to help slough away dead skin (it’s also the perfect skin primer for self-tanner application). The brown sugar buffs away at the skin in a gentle, non-stripping way, and leaves you smelling pretty delicious.
  • Lip Sheer – Featured in our main photo at the top, the Lip Sheer in Twig, has been our go-to lip product ever since it was gifted to us (*not by the brand*). The product applies comfortably and remains hydrating throughout wear. While not incredibly pigmented, the Sheer isn’t necessarily designed to be. It comes in six universally flattering shades, so you’re bound to find one you love!
  • Touchup Skin Concealer Pen – If this product looks somewhat familiar to you, you’re probably thinking of the YSL Touche Eclat. Though the sleek gold packaging is extremely reminiscent of YSL, the product inside is fairly different. The Touchup Skin Concealer Pen packs a strong pigment for concealing & treating – it contains knotgrass extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It’s also just a little bit more affordable ;).
  • Routine Clean Cream Cleanser – Finally! A cleanser without Sodium Laurel Sulfate! One of our absolute least favorite ingredients, SLS, can be found in nearly every facial cleanser (especially foaming ones – beware!), yet Beautycounter’s Cream Cleanser is made with skin-loving ingredients like coconut oil, witch hazel, and aloe.
Behind the Brand: Beautycounter

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Behind the Brand: Beautycounter

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