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Best of: Grammy Beauty 2015

With lots of interesting looks from last night’s Grammy awards, it was surprisingly difficult to choose our favorites. Most of what we saw had us shaking our heads – you can do better than that, celebs! – but these four kept our faith in hair and makeup alive. Who were your favorites in Grammy beauty 2015?

Stylisted - Grammy Beauty Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s lavender wig, dramatic eye, and glossy peach lip looked fresh and fun, which suits both her and the Grammys well. We had mixed thoughts on her dress, but have to admit it does pair well with her hair and makeup.

Stylisted - Grammy Beauty BONNIE MCKEE

 Bonnie McKee also chose a love it/leave it ensemble, but there is no debating that her makeup was flawless. The deep berry lip. Those lashes. The voluminous strong side part. Bonnie killed it and gave us the perfect inspiration for our next night out.

Stylisted - Grammy Beauty JESSIE J

 Jessie J’s matte wine-stained lip is quite possibly our favorite lip of the night. That color is the kind of wine we would drink a glass bottle of. She also caught on to the spider-y lashes trend, but paired with her porcelain complexion and slicked back hair, it looks classy and defined. Her look is just the right amount of sharp and edgy for her softer dress.

Stylisted - Grammy Beauty GWEN STEFANI

Oh, Gwen. Not only was your outfit one of our faves of the night (as usual), your makeup and hair made everything work so seamlessly. To officially make it a trend, we’ll call out her spider-y lashes, but her glowing cheeks and nude gloss make us want to rush home and add some shine to our routine. Just like Gwen, the best word to describe this look is cool.

Best of: Grammy Beauty 2015

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Best of: Grammy Beauty 2015

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