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Behind the Brand: Indie Lee

It’s that time of year when we pack away our heavy moisturizers and bring out the lighter and brighter potions to keep our skin in tip-top shape.  Looking for a new go-to? Let us tell you about Indie Lee because we’re obsessed!

The Story

The philosophy behind Indie Lee is incredibly logical – it’s about paying more attention to what we put on our largest organ (our skin!), just as we pay attention to the food we eat everyday.  But unlike resisting chocolate, this the easiest diet you’ll ever go on.  It’s the Whole 30 for your skin and it’s sustainable because the products are ah-mazing!

The self-named brand was created after founder Indie Lee overcame a life threatening brain tumor. She came out of that experience with a deep desire to create a green beauty line using the finest ingredients from around the globe—and that she did.

Products We Tried & Loved

We asked to dabble in the anti-aging products because, well, we’re aging and we’re against it.

After returning from a long weekend in Tulum (where we seriously underestimated the strength of the sun), Indie Lee was on our doorstep ready to save the day.  Morning and night we used the Swiss Apple Facial Serum, Squalane Facial Oil, and Calendula Eye Balm (for eyes and lips).  The products were simply divine.

Swiss Apple Facial Serum– this contains stem cells from a rare Swiss apple (what!?) and I don’t know how… but you can tell!  It smells delicious and goes on with a light, cooling feel (perfect for our sensitive skin).

Squalane Oil– brought life back to our skin.  It was ultra moisturizing but never greasy.  Our skin sopped it up without leaving behind any residue and our makeup application was smooth and seamless.

Calendula Eye Balm– (temporarily out of stock) became a staple in our makeup bag.  Though it’s specially crafted for the skin around your eyes (adios dark circles from zero sleep) it can be used for lips as well and should be applied twice a day.  Love having an all in one product for day and night.

Find more Indie Lee products here!

*Disclaimer – We were lucky enough to sample these products from Indie Lee as an introduction to the line. We did not receive compensation for this post and just truly love these products!


Behind the Brand: Indie Lee

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Behind the Brand: Indie Lee

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