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The Beginner’s Makeup Bag

Stylisted - Beginner's Makeup Bag

At this point in our beauty life, we’ve amassed quite the collection of makeup. Even after attempting to clear out as many products as we could bring ourselves to, we’ve somehow only picked up more. Whether you’re a beauty hoarder trying to learn how to simplify or a beginner looking to grow your collection, we’ve whittled down a few products we think are essential in any makeup bag.

– Tinted Moisturizer: An easy to wear, easy to apply base is our go-to item for all makeup bags. Evening out your complexion with something as simple as a light base can instantly make you look more put together in a matter of minutes (or seconds, if you’re quick).

– Blush/Bronzer: While we could never solely recommend one formula of product here (creams? powders? how’s a girl to choose?), a blush and bronzer combo can do so much. This combo in particular works as blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, contour, and lip color. The creaminess ensures that no brushes are needed, further eliminating clutter.

– Mascara: Tired eyes no longer! Mascara instantly lifts and shapes your eyes and even though fashion weeks often hint otherwise, should be applied with every makeup look (in our opinion).

– Eyeshadow: As a beginner, you certainly don’t need palettes on palettes of shadow. Naked 1-3 need not apply. However, this cream shadow is build-able, can be used as liner, and acts as the perfect base for anything else. In this case, we recommend choosing both a dark shade to create a smokier look, and a lighter shade for every day.

– Lips: Because the finished look is just so different, we have to recommend having a glossy lip product and a matte one. Even if you’re intimidated by bold colors, having a glossy pink and a matte pink can completely change your look. Naturally, we prefer one bold and one every day shade.

We’d love to know, what do you keep in your every day makeup bag? How many products does it take to get you “ready for the day?”

The Beginner’s Makeup Bag

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The Beginner’s Makeup Bag

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