The All-time Favorite Lip Product

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One morning, not too long ago, we did something silly. We woke up at 5 AM, stumbled out of bed, and prepared ourselves for a nice, long run of 13.1 miles. It was tough, sweaty, exhausting – all things a beauty lover can normally fight with a bit of product in the right places. However, when you’re running that many miles that early in the morning, makeup seems like a luxury you just can’t be bothered with. Why put it on if it’s just going to slide right off?

The only exception to the lack of makeup while panting through the half marathon, was this all-star lip balm. The Dior Addict Lip Glow (in the shade pink!) has been everywhere with us, and we mean everywhere. It never leaves our handbag (it even gets transferred to the “night out bag” when we go out – just in case), has been to Europe and all over the States, and, as we stated last week, is often both the first and last thing we apply each day. We’ve even already bought a backup (this rarely happens!).

We don’t know the magic behind the balm, but it truly does adjust to your natural lip color to simply enhance it, moisturize, and add the most soothing scent. We find ourselves applying over and over again just for fun because it truly is that comfortable to wear. With an added bonus of SPF 10 and two colors to choose from (coral is the second option if you were wondering), you really can’t go wrong.

How does it last?

Traditional lip balms typically don’t have too much color payoff or lasting power. This one has both. It leaves your lips flushed like you just had a popsicle or strawberry or something sweet and pink, but also stays put. 2 hours and a sweaty half marathon later and we could STILL feel it hydrating away on the lips (though it did lose a bit of color thanks to the Gatorade chugging between miles).

So, what are your thoughts? Are you sold on the magic of this Dior balm yet? We promise it’s worth every penny.
The All-time Favorite Lip Product

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The All-time Favorite Lip Product

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