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Weekly Beauty Link Love #28

Our blog editor is still vacation-ing (as you may know from last week’s post on what she brought with her!), so these links aren’t exactly the freshest of the bunch, but they’re good nonetheless! Leave your favorite links in the comments below so we can have something to read when we return from our travels! Happy weekend!


– PopSugar shared affordable wedding makeup options. Though, if you don’t want to mess with any of that on your wedding day, you know who to call 😉

– On another wedding related note, Style Me Pretty and Birchbox teamed up for a video showing perfect lipstick options for your wedding day.

– Julia always has the best, perfectly styled hair. She spilled her hair health secrets here – looks like we need to get our hands on a wide tooth comb!

– Are you a recent member of the “blondetourage?” Here’s how to keep good care of your new blonde locks.

– The makeup tax thread on ITG is super interesting and worth thinking about. Do you think you need makeup to succeed at work?


– Our blog editor is traveling through Europe! Here’s what she brought in her Copenhagen & Stockholm makeup and in-flight beauty bag.

– Have you checked out the Sephora sale lately? It’s chock full of goodies.

– We hate waiting for our nails to dry, so this has become our go-to quick drying combo as of late. Your nails will seriously be dry in 2 minutes or less.

Weekly Beauty Link Love #28

Our Current Favorite Duo: Coral Lips & Shimmery Eyes

Weekly Beauty Link Love #28

Do You Double Cleanse?

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