5 YouTubers You Should be Following

Stylisted - YouTube Beauty GurusThis post is a fun one. We’ve been obsessed with beauty YouTubers for years now, following many since they were in college! While the world of beauty YouTube videos can seem vast and endless, once you find your few favorites your loyalty won’t be tested. Read on to discover our top 5.

1. Estee Lalonde of Essie Button

Oh, this girl. How could any list be valid without her? She’s inspired so many purchases, while making us fall in love with her personality, her boyfriend, & her dog. If you don’t already watch, get going, and subscribe to her vlog channel while you’re at it – you won’t be disappointed.

Highlights: Button’s Bookshelf, Let’s Talk Tutorials, Essiebuttonvlogs

2. Ingrid Nilsen of Missglamorazzi

Ingrid is one of the OG beauty vloggers. She’s amassed millions of subscribers thanks to her quirky, genuine personality. We always turn to her for natural-looking makeup, packing tips, and just general life improvement. She, too, has a vlog channel in which she posts weekly videos titled, “5MFU,” dedicating “Five Minutes For Us,” where she chats about a new theme each week and her views on the subject.

Highlights: Get Ready with Me, Quick & Healthy Recipes, 5MFU

3. Lisa Eldridge

Lisa is the master of all masters. The only true makeup artist on this list, she brings a heightened level of knowledge and mastery to her tutorials. Lisa focuses on celebrity tutorials (often featuring the celebrities themselves), trend tutorials, and, our favorite, occasion tutorials. Need a tutorial for the morning after a long night out? Lisa’s got you covered.

Highlights: celebrity tutorials, vintage looks, everyday looks

4. Anna Gardner of Vivianna Does Makeup

Anna has been featured on the holy grail of beauty sites, Into the Gloss, so she immediately gains street cred. Prior to her ITG fame, we fell in love with her extremely relatable approach to beauty. Can’t master the eyeshadow blending? Neither can Anna, she claims, yet she’ll work through it with you. Wanna rock a red lip? Well, that Anna does master. She also serves up some great fitness inspiration and has motivated us to get back into both running & yoga. She’s the internet BFF you never knew you needed.

Highlights: Makeup Menu, Beauty Chat with Lily Pebbles, Weekly Vlog

5. Sammi of Beauty Crush

We love so much about Sammi. From her always mastered winged eyeliner to her impeccable style, we would be more than happy to one day wake up as her. Her personality is contagious and she’s getting noticed for good reason. If ever in the need of some fashion inspiration, Sammi’s lookbooks should get all your attention.

Highlights: Lookbook, Chatty Tutorials, Girl Talk

5 YouTubers You Should be Following

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5 YouTubers You Should be Following

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