5 Ways To Make Bad Hair Days Look Good

Stylisted - 5 Ways To Make Bad Hair Days Look Good

Have you ever woken up and your hair just looks like who did it and ran? Have you ever been in a hurry and needed to make your hair look like you didn’t just wake up? We have been in these situations and we have the perfect solutions to make bad hair days look good! Or, at least, bearable 😉

  • Pull your hair back with a headband or bandana: Wearing a headband no matter what color or design always seems to do the trick! Just flip your hair over and push it back with any headband of your choice. Bandanas work perfectly for this, too, and have been seen all over top bloggers and models lately. After this, you’re ready to take on the day!
  • Throw it up in a messy bun: There is no real way to perfect “the messy bun,” it simply is just the way you throw it up. When we feel our hair is a bit out of sorts, we just throw it up in a messy bun! This hairstyle can go great with any outfit and can make you feel better about bedhead!
  • Throw some baby powder on that hair: Putting baby powder in your hair may seem odd to some but not to us! This is the holy grail of hair products, believe it or not, because it gets rid of greasy spots within your scalp and hair. We simply just flip our hair over, put a dab of baby powder on our palm, rub our hands together and comb through our hair. After that, we brush our hair out and it is looking good as new!
  • How about a baseball cap: Sometimes, we do not want to deal with our hair at all, so we simply throw out hair into a low bun or ponytail and put a baseball cap on to complement the mess! A baseball cap looks cute and natural with any outfit and it is a good accessory that we keep handy especially for bad hair days!
  • Put it in a braid: We have found that braiding our hair has helped with the messy hair days. A simple braid is sometimes what we need to make us look normal again, not to mention it looks good and is easier to do on greasy hair!
What are your tips for making bad hair days look good?

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5 Ways To Make Bad Hair Days Look Good

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5 Ways To Make Bad Hair Days Look Good

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