5 Office Party Beauty Blunders To Avoid

Stylisted - 5 Office Party Beauty Blunders To Avoid

‘Tis the season to get a little cozier with your coworkers and enjoy some bonding at the company holiday party. For some, it’s the best time of year. For others, it’s fa-la-la-la-awkward. We know there’s a ton of pressure to look your best and feel confident at these things so we put together the short list of beauty do’s and don’ts to ensure you look extra fabulous for the evening!

· Bronze your neck – By now that summer glow is probably gone and we’re all reaching for the bronzer to bring life back to our face (our favorite here). Whatever you do, don’t forget about your neck. Your face and neck should match so bring that bronzer down to your neckline (which we hope isn’t too low 😉 ). You’ll thank us when you see the photos.

· Easy on the smoky eye – Keep your eye makeup light and bright so you look wide-eyed and engaged in the conversation all night long. If you love a dark eye, we recommend a thin line of waterproof liner that will stay with you to the end.

· Stain that pout – We’ve all had that moment when you get to the bathroom and realize you’ve had lipstick on your teeth for the past hour. How many people did you talk to? How often did you smile? Help! Avoid this all together with a budge-proof stain.

· Pull your hair back – If you tend to fidget with your hair or if you’re a nervous sweater, try a DIY updo (simpler the better) or a sleek ponytail. Confidence is key and this will prevent you from playing with your part or nervously twirling your hair when your boss’s husband starts asking about your personal life.

· A little dab’ll do ya – Just because it’s an evening event doesn’t mean you need to drench yourself in perfume. Keep cubicle etiquette alive and just put a dab of your go-to scent on. If you feel it’ll fade too fast, pop by the department store and get a FREE sample for an emergency spritz later in the night.


P.S. We shared a full hair, makeup, and outfit look right this way.

5 Office Party Beauty Blunders To Avoid

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5 Office Party Beauty Blunders To Avoid

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