5 Essentials All Girls Should Have When Traveling

Stylisted - 5 Travel Beauty Essentials All Girls Should Have

We’re off on another European adventure in just a matter of days! In anticipation of our next trip, we’re sharing some travel beauty essentials we absolutely cannot forget.  We have the top 5 most needed essentials all girls should pack with them when traveling whether that’s a staycation or a vacation!

  • Compact foundation: This product, no matter what brand we may choose, is always essential to have in your handbag. This is the quickest way to powder your nose (is it just us or does that phrase sound so dated?!) and freshen up from a long day of traveling. Instead of taking out our loose powder foundation and making a mess, we just brighten up our face by using compact foundation like this one. It is quick and easy and small enough to fit in our handbag.
  • Eyelash curler: We can never go wrong with our eyelash curler. Even if we don’t have mascara applied to our eyelashes, using our eyelash curler can make our eyes look a little more alive after a day of travel! We always keep this handy especially if we prefer not to wear makeup during our travels.
  • Mascara: Just like our eyelash curlers, mascara is its sidekick! We can never travel anywhere without a tube of mascara. No matter what brands you prefer, mascara is always a good item to have with you. Sometimes we don’t even wear eyeliner, so mascara does just the trick to make our eyes look their greatest. We don’t want our eyes looking like a train wreck while traveling!
  • Lipstick: No matter what color lipstick suits you best, you can never go wrong. We always, always have lipstick (usually multiple) with us in our handbags while traveling. You cannot deny the power of color when it comes to applying it to your lips. Lipstick does just the trick to spruce up our faces and make them look brighter for those long days!
  • Brow Liner: Packing our brow liners are a must! We always want our brows to be even and in tip-top shape. If we can’t do anything else or do our full face makeup, we at least want our brows looking on point! There is nothing better than killing your brow game!
What are your traveling essentials?

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5 Essentials All Girls Should Have When Traveling

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5 Essentials All Girls Should Have When Traveling

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