The 5 Best Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Stylisted - The 5 Best Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Island vibes have you loving summertime? Sipping milk out of coconuts and eating coconut ice cream (our new obsession!) is the best on warm summer nights. There are several more uses for this tropical fruit that you can easily put into your beauty routine! 

  • Summertime Facial – Sugar is sweet and so are you! Mix some coconut oil with some brown sugar and you have the best exfoliant facial. Scrub the dead skin and dirt off and you automatically have a glowy finish on your face for your evening out with friends.
  • The biggest mood killer in the summer is razor burn – Easily fix it with coconut oil! Mix it with some Shea butter and jojoba oil and you have the best new shaving cream possible! Check out this easy and fun DIY recipe for the best razor burn fixer upper! 
  • Harsh makeup removers bothering you? – No problem! Use the gentle cream of coconut oil and your makeup will come off in a second! It is so important to always remove your makeup at the end of the night and couldn’t be any easier with coconut oil. Just put some oil on a cotton ball and wipe it all off so you can wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day.
  • Skip the eyelash extensions – Depending on where you are planning on going to get eyelash extensions, it can be kind of pricey. Why have someone thicken your lashes for you when you can do it for yourself at home with something you can find in your pantry. This trick not only makes lashes appear fuller but also helps strengthen them! Using a q-tip or cotton ball, apply some coconut oil every once and a while and let it sit for a bit. Don’t apply too much because you will irritate your eyes!
  • Flakes are no fun – Applying coconut oil to damp hair after a shower not only helps diminish the signs of split ends but also helps prevent dandruff from showing and getting worse. While this trick does not get rid of dandruff completely, it’s a good quick fix.
The 5 Best Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

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The 5 Best Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

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