4 Products You Need To Try Now From ELF Cosmetics

Stylisted - 4 Products You Need To Try Now From ELF Cosmetics

No matter what makeup brands you’re into and no matter what makeup rituals you abide by, we know finding the right makeup for your skin is the most important. Cheap (like ELF!) or expensive, the makeup you buy must suit your skin. Whether you’re into big into foundations or big into mascaras, we know the holy grails of makeup and we have listed some for you!

  • High Definition Powder Foundation by ELF Cosmetics- This very light and airy powder foundation makes your face look radiant and smooth. We apply this with our foundation brush to our face making sure every spot is covered. This HD foundation gives you all day coverage and some glow!
  • Acne Fighting Liquid Foundation by ELF Cosmetics- As opposed to powder foundation this liquid foundation gives you complete coverage all day. It does us just the trick when we want to completely hide all of our dark spots and acne while not clogging our pores! This foundation is also just as light and not oily when applied to the skin.
  • Sun Kissed Glow Bronzer by ELF Cosmetics- This bronzer is as good as they come! Although the palette is small, it gives you more than you need. We use this bronzer to give us a little bit more of a glow in the morning. It is a perfect touch to your makeup!
  • Baked Highlighter by ELF Cosmetics- Our last “Holy Grail” product for perfect looking skin is E.LF.’S Baked Highlighter. We use this with a flat powder brush and apply it to our cheekbones and even above our eyebrows. Believe it or not, this highlighter works wonders. It is the perfect finishing touch that we need when applying our makeup for the day, top it off with some setting spray and your skin will be looking radiant.
What are your favorite products from ELF?


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4 Products You Need To Try Now From ELF Cosmetics

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4 Products You Need To Try Now From ELF Cosmetics

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