3 Wedding Trial Tips- Straight From A Stylist

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Of all the wedding to-do’s, we think planning your bridal beauty should be fun– especially getting ready for your trial!

To prepare for a seamless and productive trial, Stylisted’s own, Abbey Morgan, gives her full list of do’s and don’t’s on her blog, Big Day By Abbey.  We’ve pulled out a few of our favorite tips here:

  1. Gather photo inspiration. “Pinterest will be your best friend,” says Abbey.  And we agree! A pictures says 1000 words, brides! If you have trouble articulating your vision, find a picture or a few pictures.  Your stylist with be grateful!
  2. Be honest with yourself.  “You have to have realistic expectations.” However, Abbey encourages clients to be open to doing something beyond their norm. For example, consider clip-in extensions if you don’t have the natural hair to pull off your dream look.
  3. Be honest! “Personally, I like a bride who can say it like it is.” Don’t be afraid to ask for a change or say you don’t like something.  That’s kind of the point of a trial!

Be sure to check out Abbey’s full post and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment!

Happy Trial!

3 Wedding Trial Tips- Straight From A Stylist

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