3 Black Eyeliners That Will Never Budge From Your Eyes

Stylisted - 3 Black Eyeliners That Will Never Budge From Your Eyes

Have you ever tried an eyeliner that you absolutely loved? It’s a magical feeling to find one that sticks without transferring to your eyelid mid-day or flaking off down your cheek. If you’re anything like us, we are sure your makeup bag is filled with many different eyeliners, ranging from affordable drugstore picks like Rimmel to high-end options like Urban Decay. We don’t have a type, we love all black eyeliners whether that be liquid, pencil, or an eyeliner crayon.

  • E.L.F Cosmetics Black Liquid Eyeliner Felt PenNot only does this eyeliner look fabulous on the eyelid but it also goes on nice and smoothly. Just a few strokes and the deep black color looks perfect, making any eyes stand out! The felted tip makes a huge difference as opposed to a regular eyeliner pencil – so much easier to apply, which is especially helpful if you’re a beginner. This felted tip helps us perfect our wing and makes us look our most glam self!
  • Maybelline’s Black Eyeliner Crayon This eyeliner is one for the books! Nothing is worse than having an eyeliner pencil or crayon that you have to constantly sharpen because the tip gets dull. Not to worry, this crayon comes with a built in sharpener on its bottom half and also a smudge brush to lengthen out your eyeliner once applied to your eyelids. This eyeliner makes our eyes look elegant while not being too over the top!
  • MAC Cosmetics Eye Kohl Black Eyeliner PencilThis is another eyeliner that goes on very smoothly and looks beautiful once applied. Although it may be a pain to constantly sharpen the pencil, it is totally worth it! We use this eyeliner crayon mostly when we are on the go and are just looking for a little more spruce to the eyes! We’ve found a pencil eyeliner to work the best in the waterline, too. This eyeliner is not too pricey and can be found at any MAC store.
What are your favorite black eyeliners?
3 Black Eyeliners That Will Never Budge From Your Eyes

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3 Black Eyeliners That Will Never Budge From Your Eyes

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